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A Genesee Clovis Knife

A Genesee Clovis Knife

This gorgeous Clovis knife/spearhead was knapped from gray and white translucent chert. The outstanding detail and craftsmanship that went into this artifact make it worthy of possession by a chief or shaman and may have had ceremonial purposes as well. This artifact could have been used as either a handheld knife or a spearhead when hafted to a wooden shaft. The tang on the right side of the artifact prevents prey from shedding the spearhead and escaping its hunter. The knife is decorated with red ocher and could also have been used as a weapon of war.

The translucence of the material it was made from is demonstrated by placing a light bulb behind it.Throughout our articles on the artifacts that SANY has found, we often mention how far advanced the weapon technology of the Paleo peoples had evolved.

A side view of this artifact clearly shows that Clovis and related weapon makers were aware of aerodynamic principals that are routinely used today in jet fighter aircraft. The similarity in design of this spearhead to modern military fighter aircraft is uncanny.

The artifact was found along the banks of the Genesee River and is a part of the Spiritwalker collection.…

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